Plant for Kazakhstan

Summer 2016: a plant to produce gas to be transported from the production areas, located in different regions of Italy, to Kazakhstan, by boat from the ports of Ravenna and Taranto.

It is an out-of-gauge item for different reasons:

  • The global dimension - total volume of 40,000 m3
  • Oversized packages - the dimension of the pieces requires the selection of specific roads and transit with bridges enough high, suspension or cutting of electrical and telephone lines to allow the passage and subsequent request of special permits.
  • The time factor - delivery before the autumn snowfall 
  • Use of river boats, to go up the river Rostov from the Black Sea, to bring the various components as near as possible the site where the plant will be assembled

arrival of packages
to the ports of
Taranto and Ravenna

To speed up the load,
operations continue

load on fluvial ships, with delicate balancing operations The plant arrived before snowfall:


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